MI Audio Tube Zone

· Top of the range, most flexible MI Audio Overdrive Pedal.
· 4 clipping stages for tube amp-like response and tone
· Works comfortably as a low or high gain device.
· A total of 6 external controls, and one internal control for the ultimate flexibility:
o Gain control with unique taper to provide excellent control over overdrive.
o High/Low balancing control tone control
o Volume Control with output up to 15Vpp with correct power supply!
o Dedicated midrange control
o Character control for adding ‘momentum’ to guitar notes, or keeping things tight
o Brightness control for controlling top end content, and to help match the Tube Zone to different amps.
o Internal presence control to further help dial in the Tube Zone’s tone.
· Single ended class A output.
· Ultra-bright blue LED.
· 3PDT Footswitch with true bypass
· 9V Battery or DC power supply with up to 25V headroom.
· Striking chrome plated case and knobspicture-4


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