Will be in the Studio All day Recording

We are working on our next cd. Taz will be checking out the New Pro Tools 8 and we will be using Logic Studio and Pro Tools 8img_1926


Lost 21 Lbs on Atknis so far

I have lost 21 Lbs in 11 days on Atkins so far fealing great. Sugar cravings are almost gone, sugar is a piosion is my new mantra. I like how it is working. It was hard the first 4 days. (Update)

Looking forward to Saturday

Hope to work out a few new songs with Taz in the studio. And begin getting them ready for mastering. Taz had to cancel. However I tried some things with Pro Tools LE 8

Kathy’s Tree

My Christmas Present from Kathy & Charlene

Thanks for this great guitar chair

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all

Its been a great year for us the Tarassov’s Kathy and I are doing well, we have loved having Toni move in with us for this season of her life. The Studio has grown and Sonma is well. We have seen lots of changes up and down in 2008. We are grateful that were still together and have some wonderful friends to share our lives with. I am also grateful to all the folks I have worked with at Light House as well as the Malvern Institute. Thanks for letting me into your lives to take a look at some very hard things as well as trusting me to come along side of you to challenge and grow out of our commfort zones. Im sure this year will bring its challenges and we all need allow change in our lives. I was viewing a old grad student frind of mine on Face Book and he had a quote from Heneri Nouwen on his page that said “When we become aware that we do not have to escape our pains … those very pains are transformed from expressions of despair into signs of hope.” May this come true for us.
May we seek our Lord and trust in Him for our comfort and direction. He really is the reason for this season. God Bless you all Shalom and Merry Christmas

DIGIDESIGN Pro Control “soon for Palm Recording Studio will replace the Mackie Pro Control for Pro Tools”