Kremona Bulgaria Ltd. Professional Piezo Pick-Up for Classical Guitar

I was in Palo Alto and visited the Gryphon String Instruments 650-493-2131 and picked up a Kremona Professional Piezo Pick Up for Classical Guitar. I played it through my Native Instruments on my Mac and ran it into Logic Pro 8 and it sounded pretty good. Will test it with some amps this week. I may have found a live solution. The guys at Gryphon said this is something new and not really on the market yet. What is great is that it installs in minutes no cutting on the guitar and is in no way permeant. Great for all of us who do not want to drill or cut our guitars.

Update 4.4.11 I have had some issues with the pick up input jack and the overall tone has diminished. I am no longer using this pickup due to unreliability. I have talked with a few others that have found the same thing to happen over a relatively short time. For me personally I have decided that I will have two ways of thinking when playing out live. One will be my real good guitars the DeVoe’s with a mic like the DPA 4099 G or Shure KSM 141, and then for small outdoor events, bars, cafes places with kids I will use a Cordoba F7 with the DTar pickup and mic. For small events I will run things into the Roland BA 330 and for large events up to 1500 people I will use the Carvin Sound System.


Professional Piezo Pick-up for Classical Guitar!!! This is the best way to play and enjoy your Classical or Flamenco guitar throughout amplifier. You don’t have to make any wholes or anything to you guitar. 1. Just loosen the strings and slide the pick-up through the strings loops on the tight bar. 2. Tighten strings and retune. 3. Plug in to amplifier’s high impendence input. 4. Enjoy! check them out at


2 Responses

  1. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. hello,
    Do you need a preamp with this Kremona Pickup? I was thinking of getting a trace elliot acoustic amp used and use this to gig with. Do you have any videos of you playing through your amped set up? That would be great because there are none online at all. Thanks,

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