Kremona Professional Piezo Pick-Up

Today my Kremona-Bulgaria Ltd. Professional Piezo Pick-Up for Classical Guitar came. I put it on the Lester DeVoe Flameco Guitar. It took about 2 min to put it on. No frilling cutting. Just slip under the strings by the bridge. Tighten them again and you good to go. I hooked it up to the Trace Elliot Acoustic Rack Pre Piezo input and it worked great.


7 Responses

  1. I was thinking about buying this, how is the sound quality seem to you?

    • Hi Lola, the sound is ok. It’s not a 5000.00 Neumann mic, however considering that you don’t have to cut anything on your guitar its great. It sounds like a pezio pickup but thats what it is. If you need to get a bit louder then this may be the thing for you. I like when I absolutely cant use a mic due to stage volume.

  2. Hi Victor, I’ve been looking for a way to amplify my classical over the last week or so and the Kremona seems to have gotten good feedback. One thing though, does the Kremona require a pre-amp such as the elliot? Is it any good without it (or does it even function) just plugged straight into an amplifier?

    • A good Pre Amp like the Fishman Platinum Pro or Trace Pre Amps is only going to give your more control and a much fuller sound. It will work without that but on a normal guitar amp you may need to use a lot of gain which may not give you the warmth that you are looking for. Hope that helps feel free to stay in touch.

  3. I bought one to amplify my classical guitar. It works fine with a rather inexpensive amp. My main concern has that it’s so fragile and easily broken. The wood is light and thin…

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