Beauty of Wood to Guitar

Today is my birthday and a wonderful friend of mine out in CA sent me this guitar kit to build my own Flamenco Cypress Blanca Guitar. Little did Charlene know what she has gotten me into. I am amazed at what luthiers do with wood. My guitar luthier Lester DeVoe made the guitar in the below picture. It amazes me how you can take wood like in the first picture and in the hands of the right person you can create beautiful instruments like the Lester DeVoe makes. Well Im on a journey to see what I can do. I think it may work whether it sounds good and looks good well we will have to see. This is really a cool gift. Im excited about building my first guitar. I thinks guitars just look and sound beautiful.
This is the guitar kit from LMI
This is my Favorite guitar a Lester DeVoe 2008 Flamenco Negra made of Madagascar Rosewood.


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  1. I like this picture of the Devoe! It looks really good up against the wood floor backdrop! Luv Kat

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