www.victortarassov has had 31589 hits as of 8/30/05

This is very exciting for me as a musican. I am still an amature who is sharing what I do know about music and what I have learned. I am very glad that hostbabby.com has been able to help me create the web sight and it was very easy to use and devleope the web pages. The sight www.victortarassov.com has been up since may and I have had some help from Regina Brown, Charline B. and Kathy H. I am very greatfull for there suport and who knows what the rest of the year will bring I have written five songs in sketch form and have a few more ideas that will hopefully be done by fall. I hope to release a entry level home recording in Febuary. The Cd will Hopefully be Victor Tarassov and New Wine the band. Dont yet know thoght if it will all pan out. Its amasing how much work going into recording a song and taking it from conception (idea) to completion (finished product)


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Sunrise at Princton House on 8/27/05

Is’nt the sky so very beautifull this mouning. There is no trick photo hear. Just me taking a picure this am out side the office around 6:00am. What do you see? Its just the sun, clouds and blue sky.

2-3 Ft Away Pictures#1 (Mike Placement for Nuvo Flamenco Guitar)

I am experminting with mic placement and 2-3 feet from the guitar sounds very nice and gets rid of the bass boom sounds. Read the below posts for more information

2-3 Ft Away Pictures

The mic is about three feet away from the back rest on my chair. the mic is right by the music paper o the very left in the middle of the pic. The round seat is about where the guitar is. I will put a pic of that which is above and the explination is below.

2-3 Feet away vs 6-12 Inches away

Well I was looking a pictue of Ottmar Liebert today in his studio in Santa Fe NewMexico and I noticed that the mike placement was 2-3 feet away from him not 6-12 inces as many would have told me to do to record, Some folks a large chain of guitar shops. When really turning up the pre amp gain just a tad more and moving the mike 2-3 feet away from the guitar has made the sound of the guitar much better and the boominess has gone away (YEAH) You can learn more from pictures that some other ways like reading. Ottmar thankyou for putting your pictures on Flicker. If any one want to hear my new recording 2-3 Ft away just go to http://www.victortarassov.com and clike the music tab and listin to 2-3 Ft away.

People of The Lie

Wow what a day in court, If I were to belive what my ex and her attonery said about me I would want to put me away. Its amazing how evil will go for the lie and twist every tiny little thing to try to pain the worst pictue that is possible. Its like somthing is missing in there soul so they are more concerned about the distrution and dessimation of what it true and pure. There is good but they want to twist it and make it look and sound bad. I am speaking of my ex wife Phebe and her Attonery Pat Vorhess, they even wanted to make my blogger somthing bad and my attemps at creating web pages someing that has never even happend. I have not made any money off my web page or bologger. Its been a place for me to share with those in the www. world somethings about me and I do like this form. Well I did make and and I am very privliged to have a girl frind and frinds who have taken the time to know me and love me even thought I am not super or clolsy $$ I cant even afford a bear today. Charline I did have some of the Maderia and thanks for that. Well I learned alot today and a lot about me too. When some one attacks you dont fight smile big and dont let the lie in. Thanks for all of your prayers and support thught this time espacially you Kat, and thanks for the chat today. Charline thanks for the talk tonight as well. Peace.