Live Rig Set Up

For playing out I will now be using the Line 6 valve 112 for electric and the Trace Acoustic TA 50 for Nylon String. IMG_3915


DPA 4099 Guitar Mic Review for a Flamenco Guitar


DPA sent the 4099 Guitar Mic for me to audition. It’s a great mic. It’s a side mount clip on with a mini goose neck for placement. It is not a perminat mouted mic. Great for live performances. The mic itself is a super caritiod mic wich allows for signifacant gain without feedback. The mic ataches to the side of the guitar with a very unique clip. See photos below. It also is very easy to use with a wireless system, I will use it with the Sennhizer Wirless system. I’m very glad to be a DPA artist who uses there mics. I tried the mic in my living room using a second generation Trace Elliot RA 50 R amp. I knotched out a bit on the lower freq. Using the 5 band eq. Then just a bit on lower using the notch filter. Great results so far. Look forward to using the mic on live performances. Will write more in the next few weeks. Initial Impression: Awsome Design and Sound.

I think I like it mounted on the top of the guitar that way my hand can go up the neck w/o bumping into the mic. My only concern is if I will capture more of the bass and have a boomyness to the sound. Will post more later.


Trace Acoustic TA 50 R (Review)

The Trace Elliot Acoustic TA 50 R sounds great. It takes a little tweaking however the sound is wonderful once you do. I really like this amps size at 22 lbs. And 8″ high and just and 18″ wide it’s a great little 50 watt amp. I’m using it for flamenco guitar with a Kremona pick-up and various mics depending on the venue. There are two 5″ Celestion speakers. There’s a digital reverb by Alesis. There are two channels one with line in passive piezo and one active then there are both bass and treb cut & boost on line one. Then Channel two is line in or Xlr with phantom power. There’s a 5 band eq. Notch filter, and a brilliance shape option. I hope to get a little bag or case for this amp. Great for small venues of less than 200. I find that set up is easy on my back and takes up much less space say than the Fishman Solo, however I do like the Fishman Solo. Much less space than the Bose L1 system. I think this is the perfect amp for the solo or small gig set up for acoustic guitar or other acoustic instruments. If you playing in small clubs, churches, small rooms perfect, it also has a direct line out so you can hook it up to the mixing board for larger venues. Then you have a great small monitor. I personally think that because you can get these great amps used now for 180.00-350.00 its perfect. I like the sound better than the Roland amps as well as the small Fishman, Marshall, Peavey, SWR, amps. The big thing with this amp is you have to know how to tweak and play with your eq’ing. Great Amp.

Trace Elliot Acoustic Pre Amp Came Today

Just plugged it in at the studio and it works and sounds great.IMG_1993

Trace Accoustic Rack Pre Amp

Picture 2
I’m hoping to win this today on eBay. I have been looking for one of these for years. This is a great accoustic guitar rack pre amp. Yea I did win this tonight. I also just found out that it looks like Trace Elliot was picked up by Peavy and Peavy will start making the Trace Elliot Acoustic line of amps again such as the TA 100, 200, 400. So I ordered a TShirt and Bag.

**Update** I spoke with the seller and it’s on its way.  Hope its hear by the weekend.   Will put it through the test on Sat.

**Update** 8.5.09 The Trace Elliot Acoustic Pre Amp has arrived and sounds great.