bodega Bay 4.29.96 #2

The Studio Console, (Much of the gear never made it out to CA because the USPS never deleverd it on time)
Me in the studio recording the shiny spot on my head is not a bald spot but the headphones reflecting light.,

me with a can of BooKoo energy drink.


Bodega Bay 4.29.96

Fox Theater Redwood City 3

Fox Theater Redwood City 3
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Fox Stage Redwood City 3

Fox Stage Redwood City 3
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Yep was there

Ottmar by Naheed Ismail – 2

Ottmar by Naheed Ismail – 2
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Was a wonderfull show and I like how Ottmar took questions and took them seriously. He did a wonderfull job playing and speaking. Thanks for telling me to “Just Play” and “shut the editor up!”

This one is for Kathy

This one is for you Kathy, hey do you know where to get the crabs.

Bodega Bay 4.28.2006