Godin Grand Concert SA

The Godin Grand Concert SA arrived today.


Ordered a pair of JShoes Penut today

They look comfrotalbe and like a nice summer shoe.

Godin Grand Concet will be on its way from Texas this week

Yep its on it way to the studio this week. Should be an excting week hear. The new Bose L1 and Godin Grand Concet SA

Bose L1 Compact is on way Will use with Godin Grand Concert SA

Should be getting my new Bose L1 Compact System this week from Sweetwater I will be using it with the Godin Grand Concert SA and a Fishman Aura Nylon. I also plan on using my Strat with a Line 6 Pod XT Pro. I tried one of the Bose L1 Compact systems at GS in Langhorne PA in there live room. It sounded great and that was with out the Fishman Aura. I am looking forward to traveling with this system and connivence. Will post more pics and sound bits when the system arrives and all is complete. Hope to get one of these cases soon as well by Odyssey

Godin Grand Concert with Fishman Aura Nylon (13) Korg Triton and Roland VG-8

01 Godin Aura 13 Triton VG 8 by v2or

Live Guitar Midi Setup

I’m soon going to try a new live set up that will use Midi. I will also try using this in the studio. It will be a Godin Grand Concert SA, Fishman Aura Nylon, Roland VG8, Roland GI-20, Korg Trition Rack, Spectronics Omnisphere, Trillian and Stylus RMX, with Apples Mac Book Pro 17in and Mainstage. This will run into a live board.