Otter Box Defender case for iPad

Otter Box Defender iPad case is excellent. I have used a few a Leather iPad case by Yoobao, Apple, DODO, and this one is my favorite by far. Feels good in the hands too soft rubber. There are three layers of protection. My case is black ( don’t know if there are other colors) picked up the case for 89.00 from G2 Computers in Washinton Crossing PA. The case is not very heavy but dose add some weight. The feel of the case is very comfortable in my hands and I really am happy with how well the screen is protected. All the switches on /off, volume, headphone jack, speaker mic ports are accessible and the connector jack is protected very well. No dust or grim will make it’s way there. There’s an easy to remove back plate to let you get to the connector for power or adapters for USB or SD cards.