DAddario Flamenco EJ25C Review Initial Impressions

I put on the bass strings from the DAddario Pro Arte Composite Flamenco string on my DeVoe Blanca replacing DAddario EJ45C strings. From what I can see they are slightly wider than the EJ45C and for about an hour while they were settling in there was a slight buzz at the nut, however it did go away within the hour.

DAddario EJ25C 6th String 1.118mm. VS EJ45C 6th String 1.112mm
5th String 0.864mm. VS EJ45C 5th String 0.89mm
4th String 0.737mm. VS EJ45C 4th String 0.71mm
3rd String 1.041mm. VS EJ45C 4th String 1.024mm (Coffee)
2nd String 0.831mm. VS EJ45C 2nd String 0.818
1st String 0.724mm. VS EJ45C 1st String 0.711

I have not put trebles on yet but will follow up with an update later. My first impression of the strings are favorable. There is a nice brightness which I’m used to from DAddario they settled in very quickly and were easy to tune and strings seem very even and no high or low spots which might cause buzzing. The strings stay in tune and have excel ant tone.

Update on Treble Strings: I just put them on and they feel great and have a warm mellow tone yet when pushed just a bit you can get that bright flamenco tone. I think DAddario did an excellent job on these strings. The trebles are very smooth on the finger tips as well. I will let them settle in for a few hours and write an update after a day or two.