Apogee’s One int mic compared to a Neumann M 149 Tube mic

Apogee ONE compared to Neumann M149 Tube Mic by v2or


Apogee One 3meter Cable

Just ordered one of these from Apogee for me CA trip next week. I am going to bring my Mac Book Pro and a One to record from Pismo-Napa while staying in San Jose. The cable is just about 9ft alowing for greater placement of the One when using the internal mic. I may bring another mic with me as well. Taz will be over tomarow at PALM to help set up templates in Logic and Pro Tools for both the studio and mobile studio. Dan D. will be at Palm today to record a few songs.
To order a cable for the One just click

Apogee’s One Internal Mic Reverb and DeVoe

Vics Verb Apogee One internal mic by v2or

One (Apogee’s One Sound Test)

01 One and DeVoe by v2or
I just picked up the Apogee One and used it to capture the DeVoe in Logic Pro 9.1 I used the internal mic to capture this as well.