Restore Honor in DC 8.28.10

Had a good time with the thousands at the Columbia Plaza and Lincoln Memorial today. Very calm and wonderful gathering to recommit honor and hope in America and honor to God.


CAO Vision Cigars

I picked up a box of CAO Vision cigars yesterday at Famous Smoke Shop, the cigar did not meet all the hype to me. Its a good cigar but I feel again I was duped by the cool box/humidor that they come in. Im a sucker for toys/boxes etc. Don’t get me wrong the cigar is an ok smoke but not stellar in the 94 points I was told that it received. I would give this a 75-80 points at best. After threes are gone I think I will go back to my tried and true Padron, Pancea, and Rocky Patel cigars. CAO did get me on the box it is cool see pic below.

GSP Hybrid Treble Medium Strings

Just changed strings on the DeVoe for my trip out to CA next week. I’ve tried the new Savarez Cantiga Normal Tension. They started to fall apart in about 7 days of normal 2-3hr of daily use. I decided to try a new pair of Treble strings from SanFrancisco “GSP Strings Super Hybrid Treble Medium Strings Compound Super Treble”. I really like how they feel and sound. I’ve been using DAddario T2 Trebles for about two years. I think I may switch treble strings to GSP. I will still most likely keep using DAddario EJ45C on my bass strings.

iPad (my mobile workstation)

I have now had my iPad for a few weeks and all I can say for me it works better than I thought it would. I do have a Mac Pro for my Studio uses for music running Pro Tools 8.0.4, My iPad is really an extension of my Mac Pro in that I can acess whats on my Mac Pro on my iPad. With the additional wireless Apple Blue Tooth Keyboard (i’m using it right now) I think I can say that i’m fine with out my Powerbook Laptop. I can still transfer photos using the sd card adapter, I can hook up mic’s with the adapter for usb. The app are fantastic, I use the mix controller (Pro Remote and Transport) by Far Out Labs. Apples Pages and Keynote for iPad ( takes care of document creation and editing as well as presentation on Keynote) there is a cable that lets you hook up to tv or projector for Keynote as well as Netflix. There are some great apps to do picture and vid editing. For me the best apps have been the Music apps, from Sonoma Wireworks Studio Track with effects. Audio Tools recording apps, Dr BetotteTC, Poly Tune & iStrobeSoft, Sketch apps Pentopia and Smartnote. and so many other apps.

New Messenger Bag for iPad (4 My trip to CA)

Ordered a bag for my iPad for my CA trip next week. Only 19.99 on Amazon.

My Nails (New Length and Shape)

I have been trying new strings and thought I would shorten my nails on my right hand, the pic is the new shape. I’m finding that I can play faster and the tone is very clear and precise.

Savarez Cantiga New Cristal Normal Tension strings

Put a new set of Savarez Cantiga New Cristal Normal Tension strings on the DeVoe off the start seem a bit brighter than DAddario EJ45C & T2

8.20.10 Update: I have now been using the strings on my DeVoe Flamenco Negra and the strings sound very good to my ear. They are a bit brighter than what I have been used to (DAddario EJ45c and T2). They stay in tune very well and feel good on my fingers. There is a definite difference in tone in that the guitar sound a bit brighter.