Lester DeVoe 2010 blanca




DeVoe Sisters Blanca and Negra Picture

New Small/Light Live Setup

I wanted to have a small system to take to small performances 20-50 folks like a cocktail lounge, cafe, winery, and coffee shop. The complete package can be carried by one person. It’s the DeVoe, AKG C1000S, and Fishman LoudBox Mini. That’s it

Grovers Mill Coffee Shop

I had the privilege to play tonight at the Grovers Mill Coffee Shop open mic night. There were a bunch of good players. When I was up I played using my Lester DeVoe Negra with a DPA 4099G mic into the house system. I was well received and played 2 Originals Kathy’s Grace & Sonoma’s Grove and two by Ottmar Liebert. Barcelona Nights, and Bombay.

Will be preforming in CA in Sept & October 2008

For the debut of the Lester DeVoe Negra that should be deviled in mid Set, Charles Sedlack invited me to play a show with him. I accepted the offer and will be playing with him late September. This should be a great time and great way to transition into playing live again. Will post more as details develop for the show, hope to see my good CA friends at the show.