Bose L1S Rig

I’ve really been enjoying the ease and tone as well as the complements from patrons/ fans who have been giving me positive feedback and re bookings. For me I do like the sound of the QSC series but last year with over 100 shows I was getting sore and tired from the set up and tear down as well as playing 3 to 5 hours. Not to mention the set up time. Last year I met a famous Guitar Player at Guitar Center and we talked for about two hours and he introduced me to the Bose L1 system. He encouraged me to try it and having use the Bose years ago I was hesitant but it did decide I would try it. It’s really imperative that you also get the tone match. Now set up as about 2 to 3 minutes I press one of my pre programed presets and turn everything on plugging in and I’m ready to go with live sound sounding excellent in less than five minutes. When I’m playing straight Flamenco Guitar I use a DPA Microphone 4099G wirelessly and a Schechter DYN-G transducer microphone. They go in channel 2 and three. Channel 1 is MP3 playback, backing tracks iPad running One Track app. Channel 4 is a wireless speech vocal microphone. I have a seven presets for various size rooms and various inputs and outputs. I use very little reverb and some of the parametric graphic equalizer and some mid cut on the Guitars. The Bose L1 gets transported in SKB hardshell case is on wheels and then the other gear is packed in a rack roller or small bag and I have 2 to 3 various bags with extra cables extensions and such. Below is the most current picture of what everything looks like when it’s packed. And a picture of my current live set up.





Fishman Solo Amp & Sennhiser MKE 40 Mic

I have to say that I like this better than the Bose L1 that I had for awhile. While I was out in CA Jason McGuire let me hear his set up and spoke very higly of the Fishman Solo Amp. After listing to the amp I was sold no feedback, very good prjection, the amp weighs only 25 lbs the case that comes with the amp has wheels and a case for the stand, easy set up and built in reverb, eq, two mic pre’s, notch fliter for feedback, mp3 jack and can be liked with another Solo amp so two can be on stage. There are six speakers and one small tweeter for the speakers and a 200 watt power amp. I picked on up yesterday at Gutair Center in Oxford Vally PA and they will get me a new on in the box in a week or two and we will switch out the amps. So far so good. I am now using a SENNHEISER MKE 40 mic and a P48 Adapter and pluging it into the Fishman Solo sounds much better to me than the Bose L1. I am no longer using the DPA 4099 mic. This mic I mount inside the gutiar with the mic top facing the sound whole and attached to the gutiar with velcro. All of this was infromation that Jason McGuire shared with me. So thats the new live setup as of right now for me.