Mics for Playing Live Flamenco

I have been trying a few Mics for live playing when I use the DeVoe, I’m using the DPA 4099G it does require 48v, the Shure KSM 141 requires 48v as well as the AKG C 1000s yet the AKG does have the option on an internal battery so your not dependent on 48v phantom power. The Shure SM 57 is a dynamic mic that dose not need phantom power. All of the Mics do connect using XLR cables. The DPA has it’s own mount and dose not need a mic stand all of the others do. To me when I travel the DPA is just easy, I think it sounds great as well. The Shure KSM 141 captures more of the guitar tone but can be hard to tame feedback where as the DPA has greater gain before feedback. For traveling to the local coffee house the AKG is very dependable and it is easy to use with house PA systems that don’t have phantom power. The DPA 4099G mic does have an accessory that gives phantom power, a 300.00 accessory. Mic prices, DPA 599.00, Shure KSM 359.00, Shure SM 58 90.00, and AKG 279.00

. My two fav mics are the DPA 4099g and Shure KSM 141.