Pat Metheny on Orchestrion


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Flamenco Metal Line 6 Valve Amp Mk1 with FBV Short Board (did the recalibration)

Apples New iPad

Its Hear Apples new iTab

Apogee One vs Digidesign M Box2 Mini

I recoded three tracks with the DeVoe guitar with the mics paced 22mm from the gutiar. The internal mic was used as well as the CAD Trition 8000 Tube mic. The gain levels were set at the same output levels. No EQ, Compression or any other type of plug ins were used. For the Apogee One I used Logic Pro 9.1 and for Pro Tools I used 8.0.3. There are three mp3 files that I uploaded to Sound Cloud the files names will be “Mini vs One track One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six let me know what you think was the best one.

Mini vs One Track One by v2or

Mini vs One Track Two by v2or

Mini vs One Track Three by v2or

Mini vs One Track Four by v2or

Mini vs One Track Five by v2or

Mini vs One Track Six by v2or

DAddario and no more Luthier Strings

Just put a new set of DAddario Strings on the DeVoe Negra. Pro Arte EJ45c’s on Bass and Titanium T2 T45 on Treble’s no more Luthier strings for me. I belive Luthier Music and Luthier Strings have some of the worst coustomer support and service I have ever encountered. I am very happy to use DAddario strings instead, as I have used them in the past for years.

Kellari Taverna

After my poor service at Luithier Misic Corp on the way to my office I found this great Greek restuarant

Luthier Music Corp in NYC worst service NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

I have been trying for 5 weeks to get a refund from this store. I have sent emails, called on the phone and even visited the store. The product was not working for be a Barkus Berry Pick up. Well they have my money, they have had the product since christmas and no refund or store credit. The woman in the pic below says she can’t do anything. She only works hear. Never Never buy from this place use stings by mail. Guitar Salon but not this place worst service I have ever had and to think I was going to spend 10000.00 hear and refer two people as well.