Recording in the Digital World


Merrell will refund my Flip Flops and give me this new pair

Merrell will refund my Flip Flops and give me this new pair. They were very nice to deal with and very prompt. I should have these new ones by next week. They dont have any more of the size 15’s that I origionally had. So now I will have the Narvana.

NEW Studio Console for Palm Recording Studio

I just finished talking with Akalu Somal of and I ordered this desk with a few changes. There will be a slider for the Keyboard, neon lights, 5 Speaker Stands, A Bay for the G5 and Hard Drives. One shelf in the middle for monitors and gear. Ah this will be sweet it will also have some two tone wood colors.

Possible New Console for Palm Recording Studio

We are looking into this for our Studio. I will be talking with the CEO of Style and Function Pro Audio. This was the model that he recommended for us a Palm Recording Studio..

Dennis Koster ay Wave Hill Bronx NY

Apple Store Ardmore PA

Apple Leopard Opening