Sinoma, Sydney & Molly at the dog park

Sonoma, Sydney, and Molly a day at the doggie park in Mercer County Park NJ was very fun to watch all three dogs run, run and run. It really made me smile watching them play. Wonder why people can’t be like them. The dogs have it made. They don’t care where you come from, what you look like what color or multi clolor or spots you have they just want to play.


Sonomas Puppy Cut

Sonoma went to the doggie spa this weekend for her summer cut and spa treatment.

Sonoma of Sonoma Productions

Sonoma Visits Palm Recording Studio


Sonomas new Christmas Sweater

Sonoma doing a hard day at work

Sonoma is working very hard today.

Somomas new Winter Jacket

Was at Wal Mart and picked this up for Sonoma.