Pics of the DeVoe Negra

I just want to thank my wife for two things. One she took her hard earned savings and helped with almost half of the cost of the guitar, and two for supporting me in commissioning Lester DeVoe to make a custom made guitar for my large hands. Thanks Kit. Click the blue words to hear the guitar.
DeVoe recorded for the first time.


It’s Hear

DeVoe Countdown its out for Delivery

The DeVoe made it to Newark NJ as of 6:19 am.

Rodney Strong

I was able to name this one Rodney Strong Single Vineyard in a blind wine taste tonight

DeVoe countdown

New Canon Gear

Just purchased a few items for my CA trip to take pics of CA Coast and Wine Country

30 Hrs to DeVoe

Just revived a confirmation from Lester DeVoe the guitar will ship tomarow and will be hear on Friday.