Palm Recording Studio set up


Victor at Orphas in NJ

TC Electronics G Forse (Yeh this looks good)

The legendary G-Force gives you a variety of great sound effects in an easy to program and fun to operate single rack unit. State-of-the-art DSP technology and 24 bit resolution gives you massive memory, high-speed processing and the best sound quality available.

Flexible routing and control possibilities combined with 8 full-blown effects, each with sound quality surpassing stand alone units, generate sounds unlike any you have heard or even dreamt of before. With the G-Force, digital multiple effects processing has finally come of age enabling you to have high quality sounds without sacrificing the integrity of your original tone!

I have heard Jesse Cook using this pice live and it sounded wonderfull.

A Pick for the Siemens Gang in Sunnyvale CA

A nice pic of Siemens along the PA Turnpike near the Fort Washington well all you CA folks can come out hear and spread a bit of the Siemens Love. HI Victor

Karl Benzio at the National Christian Social Workers Confrence

A picture of Carl Benzo founder and president of Light House Network and Link ED. The picture was taken at the national Christian Social Workers Confrence on 10/28/06 in Philadelphia PA.

Victors Guitars

Kats Keyboard