New Small/Light Live Setup

I wanted to have a small system to take to small performances 20-50 folks like a cocktail lounge, cafe, winery, and coffee shop. The complete package can be carried by one person. It’s the DeVoe, AKG C1000S, and Fishman LoudBox Mini. That’s it


Fishman Loudbox Mini

This look like a nice small practice amp or small gigs. Only 20 lbs. For me the only issue is that there is no phantom XLR power.

Arrived today from Sweetwater.
Fishman does it again what a great amp for the solo player who needs a small PA but not so loud or for intimate performances such as cocktail hour, weddings, coffee shop, or any small location for something like 40-60 people. This is not the Fishman Solo 220 amp however it works great if you just need to amplify your guitar, voice and mp3 files. I use the DPA 4099 Guitar mic which ness phantom power. This amp dose not have phantom power so you need to supply phantom power for some mics. I am using the ART Phantom II. So far I am getting great results and the DeVoe sounds great. This little amp is light too 19lbs. So it’s easy to cary around. I have been told by Fishman that they hope to offer a small case for the amp some time early next year.