Air Display for iPad and iPhone our main use Pro Tools 9

I just picked up the Avatron app for the iPad and iPhone called Air Display, it acts like a second monitor on you computer system with out cables, it’s connected via wifi. It works very well if a touch screen would be good to run your software application. I wanted to see how this would work with Pro Tools as a Controler so I set up the iPad to be the section that would have the facets and monitoring section, as well as a transport bar displayed on the iPad. It seems a little glitchy but is working. There may be a few bugs but I think the app is very promising and for my use very well worth the 9.99 price for the app.


New Vaja Case for iPhone 3Gs

Ordered one of these for my iPhone

looks good did nit have a strong leather smell nor did it have a tight fit. I contacted Vaji and they are sending out another one.

iPhone Screen Shoot

iPhone Screen Shot