DPA 4099G & DeVoe Blanca

I wanted to see how the DPA 4099G and DeVoe Blanca sound with the 002 Digidesign Rack that was moded by Black Lion (Sig Mod) no eq or compression was used. I had the mic pointing at the 14th freet. I called thise peace Shore Longings


DPA 4099 G Mic

This is a recoding using just the DPA 409 G Mic into a Digidesing 002 Black Lion Sig Mod using Pro Tools 8.4

I did use one track for Trillian for the bass.

Pro Tools 8.0.3 up and running on OS 10.6.3 at Palm Recording Studio

Well it took two weeks to figure out that the Mac Pro in our studio had some ram acting strange. we did not need a new Logic Board. We put a new HD 500gig 7200Rpm as the HD main. created all new files and now have a rock solid system.

AC-7 DAW Control Surface v.2.0

Was talking with Taz today about the new iPad and he shared with ne this new program AC-7 DAW Control Surface. I downloaded it from iTunes for the iPhone 4.99. Looks like a great app will write more later.

Bells Big Sur

DeVoe & Artcore with Neumann

01 DeVoe Numan Artcorre 2.5.10 by v2or

Pro Tools v8.0.3 vs Logic Pro 9 sound off

01 DeVoe Pro Tools 8.0.3 vs Logic Pro 9 Sound off by v2or

DeVoe Logic Pro 9 vs Pro To by v2or