Old Yachclub Inn

Hope to spend a day or two hear with Kathy Tarassov in Sept.


MOTU 828mkII in Palm Studio Now

I just set up the MOTU 822mkII In Palm Studio in about 2 min and it worked wonderfully I did not look at any manuals yet but it worked great pluged it in turened it on pluged the firewire into the mac and Launced Logic and bang I was up and running. Wow and no jams or frezzes so far. I had lots of Frezzes with Prosouns Gear. and it did not always work. I think the was a good move for Palm Studios to go with MOTU. Got the MOTU 828mkII working in all chanels today with a few trips to Gutiar Center, Few Phone calls to MOTU and all is well. if you use Logic Express 7 see pg 76 in the manual for routing of the audio inputs.

Put New Hannabach Flamenco Strings on Negra Gutiar

I put a new set of Hannabach Flamenco Strings on the Montavalo Flamenco Negra guitar today. I hope to record some with them this weekend as well as play at Orphias Coffie House on Sat 11:00am.

Soundhole Lester Devoe

iCon Steve Jobs (I like the book so far)

Palm Studio Updates 7.25.06

Well we have cleaned house and will be using the Motu 828mk2 interface for the Mac OS. 10.4.7 Running Logic 7 Express, Reason Limited, Stylus Full Version and Liquid Groves, The mic preamp will still be the the Martech MSS-10, mics are Shure KSM 44, 141, SM 58, For Acoustic Guitar will be be using the Fishman Aura and presets for accoustic imaging, for Electric Guitar we are using the Line 6 Pod XT Pro with the classic and vintage add ons. We have an Alesis out board reverb and MXX compressor gate. We still love the Tranzaport for recording. Be looking for some future updates soon. On guitar I will be trying the Hannabak High Tension Flamenco Strings.

Fex Ex Good Service

Remember the bottle of wine I shipped to you Fed Ex for Saturday delivery. Well I never did make it over to Fed Ex to complain about it not arriving on Saturday.
I used my Visa ATM card to pay for it. I was just online, balancing my checkbook and
there’s a deposit from Fed Ex for the entire amount I paid for that shipment. Now that is what I call a good company. They realized they broke their commitment and made me a very happy customer…..so maybe we shouldn’t write off Fed Ex just yet….