New Mikey by Blue should be out this summer

The all-new Mikey is the perfect tool for mobile recording. Featuring two custom-tuned Blue capsules for stereo recording, a line-input, USB pass through and a stylish updated 230-degree rotating design. Mikey’s three gain settings allow for a versatile recording experience for everything from a loud concert to a whisper. Record lectures, voice notes, live music, interviews, and more. Mikey also comes with its own carrying pouch and headphone adapter for playback and monitoring. Mikey turns your iPod or iPhone into the coolest mobile recording device around!

I am looking forward to getting this to use with the iPhone and hopefully the iPad.


iPhone Captures the Palm Recording Studio

The Keyboard sounds are from the Yamah Motiff from Gutiar Center in Langhorne PA. I was there yesterday and was playing the keyboard and decided to use the iPhone Four Track to capture the sounds. It is a great keyboard for 3000.00 The Pictures are from Palm Recording Studio, Trips to CA, Sonoma Coast CA, and Mystic CT. Oh and yes our dog Sonoma.

Jurney 2 U Recorded using the iPhone (Only no eq compression etc)

Click the bottom link below picture to listen to the recording Track 1-11 The picture is an actual screen shot of the application on the iPhone 3G

4 Track on iPhonetrack_1-11