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Amplifiers Stage Right – 1

Amplifiers Stage Right – 1
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New Songs Coming to iTunes Light & Fly

My Favorite Client!

Sonoma in Ocean City NJ

Sonoma in Ocean City NJ
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Touch ( Lightly )

Its very intresting to me and a bit funn and sad that I have been playing guitar for about 25 years. However I started playing rock and heavy metal gutiar and the touch was very agressive and hard. I have come to really like the music that is called Nuvo Flamenco and world. Well I have been playing very agressively and not I have learned that its the light touch that makes the guitar sound so good and beautful. When I coulsel its when Im in a very persoanl place and tender that when I use my words very gently and light as in a gentle word touch that great things happen. Life is all in how we wind up tuching. We can tuch with a look, words, our hands and actions, and yes even music. How are you touching those in your world?

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