New Humidor “Savoy”

Picked up my new humidor from Windsor Cigar. It’s a Savoy Khaya. May stop by to see if they have a Madasgar one tomarow. Paula was great as she helped pick one out for me.


Gypsy Kings at Keswick

Can’t wait to see the Gypsy Kings hear in two weeks, just picked up my tickets.

Picture 1

New Patio Pavers For Our Yard

Our new paver patio. Kathy ran and drove the truck back to Lowes as well as all the odd jobs like Pizza runs, and Hoagie’s, Ben A was my right hand man who helped from cutting up the ground, picking out and loading and setting up all the pavers. It was a three day project. We were all very happy with the way the pavers turned out. Our backs, knee’s and arms are sore so were looking forward to enjoying the patio this weekend.










Kathys workin

Kathys driving the truck for Lowes

Palm Recording Studio Pic

Palm Recording Studio pic of control console.

Fishman Solo Review

The Fishman Solo just plain and simple ROCKS.  Compared to the Bose L1 which costs 3000 with the Tone Match which is good but for 2000.00 less you can get a Fishman Solo Amp.  I used the Fishman Solo this weekend outdoors and it was just wonderful.  Took about 30 sec to set up.  Outdoors it filled the whole area with sound and I never needed to turn it up past 12 noon, ran it at about 30-50% on power.  Never needed to go past that.  While just playing MP3 it was great as well.  Used the Aux. input and ran a iPod the sound was rich and the bass did come though not stomping but you could feel it and hear it.  I really am very happy with the Solo.


The Lost Ones