Mackie Pro FX8 New Live Rig

For live performance I will try this rig out. A DPA 4099G or Shure KSM 141mic, Mackie Pro FX 8, DBX 265XL, BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer, Carvin 1500wt Stereo Power Amp, 2 Carvin 15in Speakers.


Lester DeVoe 2010 blanca



Mackie Pro FX8 going to try it out

I needed to get a smaller mixer as I had sold my older Mackie 12VLZ and only have a larger Carvin Board. I’ve seen a few people using this mixer with great sound. I spoke with Mark Magdich at Sweetwater and he was pretty confident that would be a good small footprint mixer. I will use the mixer with the DPA 4099G and DeVoe Guitars, Shure KSM 141, and the Cordoba F7 Fishman Ellipse Blend and Aura Nylon. Looking forward to the EQ and effects as well.


Boss RC 30 Loop Station with Shure KSM 141 Mic

Boss RC 30 Video Demo

Boss RC 30 Demo

I used my Lester DeVoe Blanca with a DPA 4099G mic going to the Boss RC 30 with 48v phantom power on. Then to a Digidesign 002 Sig Mod from Black Lion into Pro Tools 9.0.2