N.E.D.i Great iPhone App

Great new iPhone app for learning new software on your mac. Watch on the iPhone. I have used N.E.D for two years to learn Pro Tools 7&8, Logic 7&8, and Reason 4.
The above pics are screen shots taken from the iPhone using the actual N.E.D.i app on the iPhone. So far the program is working great. Great Job. If you use NED teaching tutorials get this it really is a great idea.


Thats My King

Hannabach Flamrnco 827 HT Strings

I put a set of Hannabach Flamrnco 827 HT Strings on the DeVoe, I normally play with DAddario EJ 45c’s and Titanium Trebeles. I wanted to try something new so I’m trying these out. Will write more later. The treble strings are a light red color.

Sunsets With U Nature

Screen shot 2009-09-15 at 3.08.13 PM


Screen shot 2009-09-27 at 6.31.56 PM

Bens Muse

Ben was over yesterday and we played around in the studio and hear’s what we came up with

Record Vocoder vid