Flamenco In Princeton 5.1.2010

Some pics from the show.

For the sound gear we use Carvin, 1644U Mixer, Carvin 1500wt Power Amp, DPA 4099G, Shure KSM 141 &SM57, Carvin Mics, American DJ Lights and On Stage Stands and Supports, The System that Carvin sent us was fantastic.


ibd Brush on Gel Resin & Nail Filler Powder

I recently found this new product at gutiarplayernails, however when I checked today they dont seem to offer it any more, so on Sallys they offer it for 2.99 and your have great nails for flamenco guitar playing in 5 second. They last about two weeks and I have found them to be supper easy and quick.

Holds its shape without running
Blends well with filler powders for maximum strength and flexibility
Great for quick, on-the-go nail repairs
Easy to use formula
Easy brush on formula. Its thick formula is perfect for wraps, silk repairs, and strengthening natural nails. It has a no-drip formula that fills gaps and uneven nail beds. It also eliminates air pockets. This non-yellowing IBD gel resin is a versatile product offering maximum strength and flexibility for all nail services.

Handmade Gutiar Foot Stool Black Walnut

I ordered one of these from Strings by Mail they have them new for 35.00

Mukava is a Armrest for Acoustic Guitars

Mukava is a armrest for acoustic guitars. Get a better sound and feel more comfortable and relax while playing your guitar.


Was able to find one on the other side of the pond, in Europe so I ordered one of these as well today. Will post more after I have tired it out.

Update looks very nice, very easy to install, comfortable as well.

A pic of the Mukava from a top view on the DeVoe.

Looking at the side from the rear view

The Mukava just in my hand.

The “Rasgueo-Rest”

Rasgueo RestJust ordered one of the last The “Rasgueo-Rest” that are available.  I am very glad that I was able to find one.  After my lesson with Titio Rubio today it was apparent that due to my long arms I would need either a larger guitar or some device that would put my arm back a few inches so I would be able to play with my finger tips striking the string near the rosette.   This looks like it will fit the DeVoe and may be the answer.  Will post more when I receive it and get to try it out

The “Rasgueo-Rest” (patent-pending), is an ergonomically designed, adjustable guitar arm rest that will help you to get the most out of your practice and performance time.

The clean lines and transparent design of this arm rest will not compete with, or detract from the beauty of your Guitar’s fine wood. The light-weight construction material is visually non-obtrusive and durable.

Extended Guitar playing hours can become uncomfortable, and cause possible physical damage to the players arm and posture. Your playing time will be more enjoyable, and can be extended using the comfortable support and rounded contour of the Rasgueo-Rest.

This presents an elegant solution to the discomfort that Guitar players often experience from resting their arm on the sharp top edge of the Acoustic Guitar.

The Rasgueo-Rest is light-weight, and will not make your Guitar top-heavy, or change the balance of the instrument. Total weight is only approximately 10 oz. . . If you keep your instrument on a stand, you can leave the support on indefinitely, with no damage to the wood finish. It is easy to remove.

The Rasgueo-Rest RV-9 protects the Guitar’s finish from wear and perspiration damage, besides saving you wear & tear on your arm!It does not touch any area of the sound board, and so your guitar tone is not effected. You may actually discover that the Guitar tone is clarified, because the sound board is no longer dampened with your arm. Your arm and clothing are kept away from the soundboard, promoting full sonic resonance and projection of sound.

For large and tall players, the Rasgueo-Rest provides the additional height-support needed to play in a comfortable posture.The total surface-support area of the guitar is in effect, expanded, so that you do not need to hunch over to find the right playing position. When you get comfortable, playing is just more productive and fun.Model RV-9: $75.00. This fixed height design gives you an arm rest with slight flex, approx 3 inches above your guitar’s top edge. Size: approximately 7″ x 4″ x 2.5 “. It is designed with a smooth ergonomic curve to cushion and support your fore-arm or upper arm, depending on your playing position and size
Rasgueo Rest #2Rasgueo Rest #3Rasgueo Rest 4

Spanish Cypress Guitar Neck won on eBay

Spanish Cypress Guitar Neck

The neck is slotted to 650 mm. The head stalk is made from beautiful Rosewood that is well seasoned, quarter-sawn wood.
Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6

Beauty of Wood to Guitar

Today is my birthday and a wonderful friend of mine out in CA sent me this guitar kit to build my own Flamenco Cypress Blanca Guitar. Little did Charlene know what she has gotten me into. I am amazed at what luthiers do with wood. My guitar luthier Lester DeVoe made the guitar in the below picture. It amazes me how you can take wood like in the first picture and in the hands of the right person you can create beautiful instruments like the Lester DeVoe makes. Well Im on a journey to see what I can do. I think it may work whether it sounds good and looks good well we will have to see. This is really a cool gift. Im excited about building my first guitar. I thinks guitars just look and sound beautiful.
This is the guitar kit from LMI
This is my Favorite guitar a Lester DeVoe 2008 Flamenco Negra made of Madagascar Rosewood.