McDSP Revolver Impulse Reverb come to Palm Recording Studio

I have a few favorite reverbs and this one from McDSP  Revolver is one of them.  I also really like TL Space, and Waves Renaissance Reverb  and True Reverb.  I like how easy and adjustable the  Revolver is.  The sound sample library is fantastic.  I use the reverbs that I have mentioned  with Pro Tools 8 LE.


Revolver provides the most compelling impulse library to date, with hundreds of sounds from rare holy grail out of production reverbs and acoustic spaces.  Additional acoustic spaces and outboard gear can be modeled in a few minutes with Revolver and the Revolver impulse response tools.

Controls for the total reverb time (in percent and RT60 values), wet and dry levels are always displayed.  The remainder of the Revolver plug-in interface is separated into several control pages and views.  Graphical representations of signal flow, impulse response data, EQ responses, and even images of the impulse response source are available

All parameter adjustments are heard immediately, and the outputs are not muted during any control updates.  The user does not need to wait while the reverb is re-rendered.


Huge library of presets of out of production reverbs, rare vintage reverbs, and acoustic spaces, Total impulse response manipulation,  Pre-delay (positive or negative),  Two-band dedicated reverb EQ,  Three-band routable EQ,  Two sync-able delay lines,  Tools for creating custom impulse response,  Reverb decay crossover network,  Double precision processing,  Low latency,  Mono and stereo versions


Psalm 25

Psa. 25:0 ¶ Of David.
Psa. 25:1 To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul.
Psa. 25:2 O my God, in you I trust;
do not let me be put to shame;
do not let my enemies exult over me.
Psa. 25:3 Do not let those who wait for you be put to shame;
let them be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous.
Psa. 25:4 ¶ Make me to know your ways, O LORD;
teach me your paths.
Psa. 25:5 Lead me in your truth, and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
for you I wait all day long.
Psa. 25:6 ¶ Be mindful of your mercy, O LORD, and of your steadfast love,
for they have been from of old.
Psa. 25:7 Do not remember the sins of my youth or my transgressions;
according to your steadfast love remember me,
for your goodness’ sake, O LORD!
Psa. 25:8 ¶ Good and upright is the LORD;
therefore he instructs sinners in the way.
Psa. 25:9 He leads the humble in what is right,
and teaches the humble his way.
Psa. 25:10 All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness,
for those who keep his covenant and his decrees.
Psa. 25:11 ¶ For your name’s sake, O LORD,
pardon my guilt, for it is great.
Psa. 25:12 Who are they that fear the LORD?
He will teach them the way that they should choose.
Psa. 25:13 ¶ They will abide in prosperity,
and their children shall possess the land.
Psa. 25:14 The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him,
and he makes his covenant known to them.
Psa. 25:15 My eyes are ever toward the LORD,
for he will pluck my feet out of the net.
Psa. 25:16 ¶ Turn to me and be gracious to me,
for I am lonely and afflicted.
Psa. 25:17 Relieve the troubles of my heart,
and bring me out of my distress.
Psa. 25:18 Consider my affliction and my trouble,
and forgive all my sins.
Psa. 25:19 ¶ Consider how many are my foes,
and with what violent hatred they hate me.
Psa. 25:20 O guard my life, and deliver me;
do not let me be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.
Psa. 25:21 May integrity and uprightness preserve me,
for I wait for you.
Psa. 25:22 ¶ Redeem Israel, O God,
out of all its troubles.

Digidesign MBox 2 Mini and iZotope Ozone 4 at Palm Recording Studio

We wanted to have a very quick and easy way to do pod casts and capturing of live seminars and instruments, without have to carry around a big large rig or rack gear.  I have found the with a little eq and using the iZotope Ozone 4 Mastering software the end result is very usable on iTunes.  I will add the clip of my voice hear.  The mic cable was a bit touch so thats the pop and cracks you hear.  The mic used was the Shure KSM 44 mic and Software DAW was Digidesign Pro Tools 8 and iZotope Ozone 4.  and below are two pics.  prospectives-2b


Sonoma of Sonoma Productions

Far Out Labs Pro Remote Lite Edition & Pro Transport Review

I have tried both programs on Pro Tools 8 LE running on a Mac Book Pro 2.33 and it’s working great. You need to instal the app on the iPhone or iPod touch, then download the server progam from Far Out Labs. Instal and run the apps. For me my first verion of Pro Remote Lite, did not work on my apps Pro Tools 8 and Logic Pro 8. However the new version works great. I’ve included two screen shots from my iPhone. I think these are two good apps.

Pro Remote Lite Verson Above and  Transport below.

Velvet Digidesign at Palm Recording Studio

Just used Velvet on a session and it was great to work with and it sounds fantastic as well.
Take a listen hear prospectives just click

Sonoma in PaPa’ seat