Apogee One, DPA 4099, DeVoe Negra, MacBook Pro, Pro Tools 9.5 and QSC K’s

Ive been wondering if there would be a way that I would be able to play live and travel with just my guitar case and a laptop.  I think the answer is yes.  I have been using the Apogee One a very small (size of iPhone) interface that allows me to hook up the DPA 4099G mic that clips onto my DeVoe (phantom power supplied from Apogee One) the Apogee One hooks up to my MacBook Pro with USB 2 and then I run either Pro Tools 9.5 which to my ears sounds better than Logic or Main Stage (However Logic and Main Stage do sound ok just not as smoth or more bright inho).  Then in Pro Tools I am using three tracks on for the Gutiar Mic, then two different drum programs Strike and Boom.  Then off the one I have a stereo line out to to XLR connectors that run to the QSC K8’s.  The sound is fantastic I do use the BBE sonic max plug in for my main mix as well. 


AC-7 DAW Control Surface v.2.0

Was talking with Taz today about the new iPad and he shared with ne this new program AC-7 DAW Control Surface. I downloaded it from iTunes for the iPhone 4.99. Looks like a great app will write more later.

Pro Tools v8.0.3 vs Logic Pro 9 sound off

01 DeVoe Pro Tools 8.0.3 vs Logic Pro 9 Sound off by v2or

DeVoe Logic Pro 9 vs Pro To by v2or

New Live Setup for Guitar

I have started to use Logic 9 and with Apogees Duet and two Shure Mics the KSM 141 and 44 I have my complete live set up. Just plug it all and and the dongle for all my Waves plug ins and Im set to go. I can also record with this set up. This is my setup primarily for Nylon String Flamenco with the DeVoe
Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 8.01.11 PM
Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 8.01.53 PM

Studio Set Up Mackie & Digidesign Command 8

Set up the Digidesign Command 8 and Mackie Control side by side. They both work great. Looking forward to getting the 002 Signature Mod from Black Lion this week. New A//D & D/A, 4 new mic pres, and new master clock. Should be a fun weekend.

Will be in the Studio All day Recording

We are working on our next cd. Taz will be checking out the New Pro Tools 8 and we will be using Logic Studio and Pro Tools 8img_1926

sE Electronic IRF Instrument Refection Filter

Picked one up from GS to try with the Bose L 2 System.