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Fishman Solo Amp & Sennhiser MKE 40 Mic

I have to say that I like this better than the Bose L1 that I had for awhile. While I was out in CA Jason McGuire let me hear his set up and spoke very higly of the Fishman Solo Amp. After listing to the amp I was sold no feedback, very good prjection, the amp weighs only 25 lbs the case that comes with the amp has wheels and a case for the stand, easy set up and built in reverb, eq, two mic pre’s, notch fliter for feedback, mp3 jack and can be liked with another Solo amp so two can be on stage. There are six speakers and one small tweeter for the speakers and a 200 watt power amp. I picked on up yesterday at Gutair Center in Oxford Vally PA and they will get me a new on in the box in a week or two and we will switch out the amps. So far so good. I am now using a SENNHEISER MKE 40 mic and a P48 Adapter and pluging it into the Fishman Solo sounds much better to me than the Bose L1. I am no longer using the DPA 4099 mic. This mic I mount inside the gutiar with the mic top facing the sound whole and attached to the gutiar with velcro. All of this was infromation that Jason McGuire shared with me. So thats the new live setup as of right now for me.

Sonomas Puppy Cut

Sonoma went to the doggie spa this weekend for her summer cut and spa treatment.

Fishman Solo Amp




When I was visting with Jason McGuire and working on writing a song. He was showing me how he composes, at the end of our time he showed me his Fishman Solo Amp, he showed it to me with his set up as well as just my Shure KSM 141 mic and gutiar and it sounded great. I think it was much better than the Bose L1. Hope to get one of these in the near future.
Portable and Powerful
Designed for the singer/songwriter, SoloAmp provides exceptional sound quality and coverage in a wide variety of venues. 220Watts of clean, lightweight power drives a line array of six custom high-excursion speakers and a soft dome tweeter. This unique combination delivers incredibly full sound, ultra-wide dispersion, and deeper sonic penetration than the common speaker cabinet. Better yet, the enhanced bass response of the custom-designed speakers means there’s no need for a subwoofer!

It’s a P.A., and an Amp.
With SoloAmp, the performer and audience hear exactly the same sound, meaning there’s no need for separate wedge monitors or a combo amp backline. And because SoloAmp is voiced for the singer/songwriter, acoustic instruments and vocals are projected with superb depth and clarity.

The Ultimate in Portability
SoloAmp weighs only 25lbs*, ships complete with a padded bag equipped with wheels, and includes a rugged speaker stand. Set up takes less than a minute, with only one trip to the car! And full-digital universal power means SoloAmp is ready to travel anywhere in the world.

Features Performing Musicians Demand
Fishman didn’t make SoloAmp this portable by scaling back on features or tone. In fact, they’ve included all of the award-winning elements of the Loudbox family, and added a unique Monitor feature designed to revolutionize an acoustic duo’s ability to hear each other on stage. SoloAmp is also equipped with two mic/instrument channels featuring high-quality preamps, each with 3-band EQ, phantom power, built-in reverb, effects loop, and feedback-fighting notch filter and phase controls.

Compact Line Array = Ultra wide horizontal dispersion & deeper sound penetration
Two Mic/Instrument Channels
– High-quality preamps
– 3-band EQ
– Phantom Power
– Independent Reverb level
– Effect Loop
– Feedback-fighting Phase and Notch filters
– Six 4′ mid-woofers, patented dual gap, high excursion design, neodymium magnets (200W)
– One 1′ neodymium soft dome tweeter with level control (20W)
Auxiliary Stereo Input with Level control
Four Digital Reverb effects with master level
Balanced XLR D.I. outputs for both channels and main mix
Unique Monitor I/O for improved on-stage ensemble monitoring
Mute with remote footswitch input
Tuner Output
Ships with Stand and padded Carry Bag (w/ wheels)
Dimensions: 41.5′ H x 5.6′ W x 6.6′ D
*Weight: 25 lbs without Stand, 35lbs with Bag and Stand

Picked up a Jensen JiMS-125 Docking Digital Music System for iPod

We went to our local Acme and they are closeing in two weeks I saw this little iPod charge and we picked it up for 23.00. Should be great as a clock for me next to my bed. Has a great display and the remote works well tool jenssen-jims-1251

Back in Philly

Back in Philly made it home got pretty squished on the way back. O well Shapo

On my way back to NJ

Was a very quick check in and security check. Pics below are between Santa Cruz and Monterey from 10,000 ft.