The Ibanez Artcore AF 75 TDG IV



Pat Metheny Are You Going With Me

Pat Metheny As it Is One of my all time Fav Songs

Pat Metheny Nora Jones Don’t Know Why

O What a Night

Ibanez Artcore AF 75 TDG IV


I am loving playing this guitar for 350.00 you just cant go wrong I am going to bring it to my Luthier to set it up.

Sometimes, the old ways are best, as long as there are enough modern refinements to keep in step with what today’s musician needs. The AF is one of our most traditional full-acoustic lines with a large, true full-hollow body and Ibanez ACH pickups for smooth, classic tones. 2008 AF models include the gorgeous AF95TK which features gold hardware and a wood tailpiece with an abalone inlay. The new Ivory finish AF75TDGIV, with its vibrato tailpiece, looks like it could be parked outside some mythical diner, waiting for the drag race to begin.

The traditional large “jazz box” (but with 22 instead of the traditional 20 frets).
The AF95TK offers an all-flame maple body, gold hardware, abalone inlays and a 3pc neck.
New AF75TDGIV features an Ivory finish and vintage-style vibrato.

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