My Two Friends Blanca & Negra

IMG_1668I was thinking about the brighter crisper sound of the Blanca guitars yesterday. They are the flamenco guitars that are traditionally made with Spanish Cypress. I remembered that my buddy Charlene helped me get a 1965 Flamenco guitar that I found while on my Honeymoon in 2007 while passing through Santa Cruz CA. While the guitar is old and has a few cracks it just sounds magically warm. It’s a 1965 Miguel Company no. 70 Series Flamenco Guitar with friction pegs. I took it out yesterday and decided its time for it to get fixed and be back to life. I love the way this guitar sounds (its the one on the left in the picture)  and the fact it’s the same age as me is cool too. I wish I could get fixed up too or I’d settle for shedding  a few pounds. Well, hears a pic of the guitar next to the 2008 DeVoe hopefully in 2010 I will be getting a DeVoe Blanca.


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  1. Hello,
    I really love your playing. Have you been able to find out anything about the luthier, Miguel Company, that made your Blanca? I was fascinated by his story on him. Behind every great guitar is a greater story.

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