Structure for Pro Tools LE

I have been using Logic Pro 7 & 8 for about three years as thats how I entered the world of digial DAW (Diagial Audio Workstations) before that I used tape, real to real. Tascham and Fostex. Everyone that I knew at the time was really into keyboards and not so much captureing true live sound audio so I was told to try Logic by Apple, I also was using Apple Computers so it made sence. Grage Band, Logic Express, and Logic Pro. I was told that Pro Tools was evil or called by some Pro Fools. Yet I always wondered why would all the pros use it if it was so bad. Well I have switched. I really like Pro Tools and in version 8 its pretty easy and with all the web support and info its pretty easy to get started. I love the Produciton Kit 2. So far with Pro Tools I am very happy and will be selling some of my Logic Gear soon on ebay. My Ensemble, Mackie Pro Control, and some software. Im a Pro Tools Pro Fool.
Professional sampler workstation
for Pro Tools
Developed by the acclaimed Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools®, Structure™ is a powerful RTAS® virtual instrument that redefines the art of sampling, allowing you to freely create, sculpt, and refine everything from simple acoustic instruments to highly complex soundscapes with amazing ease — in real time.

Structure comes with an extensive library of high-quality sounds from A.I.R. and EastWest (including a 30-day trial of Goliath — Structure Edition), welcomes the use of your own sample libraries, and lets you create your own samples directly from your Pro Tools sessions via drag-and-drop. It also features an impressive universal sound engine with support for an unlimited number of nestable patches, optimally manages sample streaming along with Pro Tools playback, and includes a powerful multi-effects processing engine. Whether you’re a musician, sound designer, audio engineer, or post-production editor, Structure offers superior playability and performance.


Digidesign Eleven Sounds Great (One of my new fav amp plug ins)

This amp plug in by Digidesign “Eleven” just sounds amazing I really like it. I like the sounds much better then the ones in Waves, its on par with Line 6, and Native Inst Gutiar Rig.
Developed using an innovative new amp modeling technique, Eleven gives you instant access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on classic Fender®, VOX®, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, and Soldano amplifiers.* Simply call up a preset to immediately re-create a hit-making guitar tone, or design your own signature sound by mixing and matching amps, speaker cabinets, and mic models — all captured at their best in a world-class studio.

Digidesign Music Production Toolkit 2

We got this one now.  Nice reverb in TL Space as well as all the other plug ins and now 64 Tracks.

I’ve been looking at adding this software to the studio for some time well now its at Palm Studio will be downloading it in a few min.
The Digidesign Music Production Toolkit 2 lets you take your Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered system to an entirely new level! Extend the capabilities of your Pro Tools rig with the Music Production Toolkit 2, which increases your track count to an amazing 64 mono or stereo tracks at 96kHz resolution. You also get a range of additional plug-ins for composition, mixing, editing, and sound-shaping. This bundle includes a multitrack version of Beat Detective and easy MP3 exporting capability. Get the most out of your Pro Tools LE or M-Powered with the Music Production Toolkit 2!

Digidesign Music Production Toolkit 2 at a Glance:
Extensive plug-in collection
Multi-track Beat Detective
64 audio tracks
MP3 export option

Extensive plug-in collection
The Music Production Toolkit 2 includes an incredible range of powerful plug-ins for creating and producing music.

Hybrid 1.5 – For electronic musicians, DJs, sound designers, music producers, and sound buffs who love to get their hands dirty, Hybrid is a high-definition software synthesizer RTAS plug-in that combines the warmth of legendary analog synths with a full range of 21st century digital manipulation capabilities, enabling you to create anything from fat, retro synth sounds to edgy modern leads and everything in between – or create something completely unique. Hybrid 1.5 boasts an entirely new VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter), and features a full range of over 586 analog and digital sounds, six filter saturation modes, and a deep set of user-adjustable parameters for your tweaking pleasure, empowering you to create richly complex and unique sounds in the studio or on stage.
TL Space Native Edition – From dense plate reverbs and springs to chambers, rooms, and large concert halls, the TL Space convolution reverb delivers the pristine sound of real reverberant spaces with the familiar controls used in high-end hardware reverb units. By combining sampled acoustics and advanced algorithms, TL Space provides stunning realism with full control of reverb parameters in mono and stereo formats, all from directly within the Pro Tools environment. TL Space includes a comprehensive library of reverb and effect impulses and supports a range of common impulse formats so you can add impulses easily.
Smack! LE – A professional compressor/limiter plug-in designed for anyone who requires a great-sounding, flexible, and easy-to-use compression tool for music or any other type of audio material. Choose from three compression modes, select unique compression ratios, and add subtle, analog-sounding harmonic distortion to warm your tones or more seriously “distress” your audio.
Eleven LE – Digidesign Eleven LE is a powerful RTAS/AudioSuite plug-in that sets a new standard for recording guitar amp sounds. Eleven allows you to achieve highly realistic, jaw-dropping guitar tones based on the world’s most coveted vintage and modern tube amps, speaker cabinets, and mics – all right in your Pro Tools rig. Developed using an innovative new amp modeling technique, Eleven gives you instant access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on classic Fender, VOX, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, and Soldano amplifiers. Simply call up a preset to immediately re-create a hit-making guitar tone, or design your own signature sound by mixing and matching amps, speaker cabinets, and mic models – all captured at their best in a world-class studio.
Structure LE – Developed by the acclaimed Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools, Structure LE is an advanced sample player that provides many of the same powerful and creative features as its big brother, Structure. Structure LE doesn’t bother with all of the multifaceted details of sample mapping and in-depth editing as Structure does; instead it allows you to focus on quickly and easily integrating a wide range of samples into your Pro Tools sessions and tweaking them to create your own unique sounds – from the simple to the complex. Structure LE comes with a professional 3GB sound library from A.I.R. to get you started, though it also plays nice with native Structure samples and your unencrypted sound libraries. It also features an advanced multitimbral sound engine that handles even the most complex sounds and a powerful multi-effects processing engine to enhance your sonic creations.

Multi-track Beat Detective
Both Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered software include Beat Detective LE, a powerful tool that allows you to perform automatic groove analysis and correction on mono or stereo tracks. But with this Toolkit, you get a version of Beat Detective that works across multiple audio and MIDI tracks at the same time-a major time-saving capability previously available only with Pro Tools HD software. Use this special version of Beat Detective on a multi-tracked drum performance or almost any combination of drum, bass, rhythm guitar, or other recorded tracks. Quickly tighten up a drum performance by using Beat Detective to automatically slice up the recording by beats. Then quantize the audio as easily as you would a MIDI track. Or completely change the feel of a recording by applying your favorite groove template. You can also use Beat Detective to extract a recording’s feel, which you can then apply to other tracks. This version of Beat Detective also supports Collection mode, which makes trigger detection across multiple tracks easy by letting you analyze and detect triggers on tracks individually and add only the triggers you choose to the overall collection. For songwriters, composers, and remix artists, this multi-track version of Beat Detective is indispensable for rapidly changing the tempo of several recorded tracks and smoothing out the spaces between beats easily and automatically.

64 audio tracks
The Music Production Toolkit also enables you to expand your Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered system to up to 64 mono or 64 stereo tracks to create larger, more complex mixes. Whether you want to build a chorus of layered vocal parts, a symphony of electronic beats, or the meanest distorted power-chord chorus on the planet, the Music Production Toolkit gives you the tracks you need to achieve your goal. With support for up to 96kHz (using a 96kHz-compatible interface), you can capture and work with 64 mono or stereo tracks in full fidelity. It will be easier than ever to transfer large sessions from Pro Tools|HD systems to Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.

MP3 export option
By including the Pro Tools MP3 Option, the Music Production Toolkit makes it easy to listen to a new mix on a portable device or quickly share it with someone else. Bounce a mix to a high-quality MP3 file so you and your bandmates can check it out on portable music players. Or export your final mix to MP3 so you can upload it to your website and make it instantly available to fans (export mixes as MP3 files using the original Fraunhofer MP3 Encoding algorithm). With a full range of conversion options, the Pro Tools MP3 Option gives you a simple way to bounce mixes directly to MP3 without having to use another application.

Digidesign Music Production Toolkit 2 Features:
Digidesign Hybrid 1.5 synthesizer
TL Space Native Edition convolution reverb
Smack! LE compressor/limiter
Eleven LE guitar amp emulation
Structure LE
Multi-track Beat Detective rhythm analysis and correction tool
Up to 64 mono or 64 stereo tracks at up to 96 kHz
Pro Tools MP3 option

Korg Nano Control. Pick one up today for Logic and Pro Tools

Found out that this dose not work with Pro Tools and I was not able to get it working with Logic 8, so my purposes this is a plastic pice of junk.

Power Mate by Griffin Technology

I ordered a “Power Mate” from Griffin Technology yesterday. Shold help as a jog wheel in Pro Tools, Logic and Final Cut Pro.

A Blast from the Past