DPA 4099G & DeVoe Blanca

I wanted to see how the DPA 4099G and DeVoe Blanca sound with the 002 Digidesign Rack that was moded by Black Lion (Sig Mod) no eq or compression was used. I had the mic pointing at the 14th freet. I called thise peace Shore Longings


DAddario and no more Luthier Strings

Just put a new set of DAddario Strings on the DeVoe Negra. Pro Arte EJ45c’s on Bass and Titanium T2 T45 on Treble’s no more Luthier strings for me. I belive Luthier Music and Luthier Strings have some of the worst coustomer support and service I have ever encountered. I am very happy to use DAddario strings instead, as I have used them in the past for years.

New DAddario String on DeVoe

Put a new set of strings on the DeVoe today. DAddario Pro Arte EJ 45C on Bass and Titanium T2 Mid on treble. This is a pic that was edited on the iPhone with the Tone Shift Generator App.