Lester DeVoe starts working on my next Blanca today 7.30.10

Lester DeVoe started to work on my 2010 Blanca,  this is what it will look like but will have friction pegs and not the machine pegs as in this photo.  A cypress back and sides and spruce top guitar.


Picked up a pedal for the Godin

Picked up a pedal for the Godin, the  Fisman AFX Reverb.

Godin Grand Concert back from Audric tonight

Picked up my Godin Grand Concert SA from Audric Jankauskas who did a superb set up of the guitar. Took a bit of the neck heal and made it fit so nice and tight in the pocket. You can check him out at http://www.aujanmusic.com/ags The neck is straight the action is just the way its on my DeVoe just a tad higher action than a flamenco set up. No buzzes and sound great. He cleaned up the frets too. He is really the best guitar tech.

DeVoe, DPA, Martech, Bose (Sounds is just pure and amazing)

Since the Godin is getting all set up by Audric, I tied the DeVoe with the DPA 4099 and the Martech MSS-10 Mic Pre into the Bose L1 Compact and was blown away by the amazing tone and purity of the sound. This is by far the best system I have played into with the DeVoe. I was looking a pic of Ottmar Liebert on his web photo blog and noticed that he was using the Martech MSS-10 Mic pre on stage. I wondered how it would sound using the DPA 4099 Guitar Mic and DeVoe running into the Bose L1 Compact. I hooked it up and was just blown away it just sounds pure and clean like the guitar made by Lester DeVoe. NO effects eq, limiting, compression etc. Just Pure DeVoe Guitar into the Bose L1 and the sound is pure real magic. The DPA dose a great job at taking the sound of the guitar to the Martech MSS-10 Mic Pre and does its magic then the Bose amplifies the signal with no coloration and makes it amazing.

Orded my free D”Addario Player Points Gear today

Ordered a D”Addario Players Points Stool and a Pint Glass. The Stool was 120 pts and the glas 20 pts. When you buy a pack of strings from D’Addario you get 3-5pts per pack of strings.

Bose L1 Compact, Godin Grand Concert SA, DeVoe Negra, (Live Set Up)

Victors Live Set Up