Apogee One, DPA 4099, DeVoe Negra, MacBook Pro, Pro Tools 9.5 and QSC K’s

Ive been wondering if there would be a way that I would be able to play live and travel with just my guitar case and a laptop.  I think the answer is yes.  I have been using the Apogee One a very small (size of iPhone) interface that allows me to hook up the DPA 4099G mic that clips onto my DeVoe (phantom power supplied from Apogee One) the Apogee One hooks up to my MacBook Pro with USB 2 and then I run either Pro Tools 9.5 which to my ears sounds better than Logic or Main Stage (However Logic and Main Stage do sound ok just not as smoth or more bright inho).  Then in Pro Tools I am using three tracks on for the Gutiar Mic, then two different drum programs Strike and Boom.  Then off the one I have a stereo line out to to XLR connectors that run to the QSC K8’s.  The sound is fantastic I do use the BBE sonic max plug in for my main mix as well. 


Apogee One with Pro Tools 9

Im trying out Apogee’s One with Pro Tools 9 Live running on my Mac Boook Pro. So far so good. I have one clip using  the internal mic on the One

Hears what is sounds like with Pro Tools

Apogee’s One int mic compared to a Neumann M 149 Tube mic

Apogee ONE compared to Neumann M149 Tube Mic by v2or

Apogee One 3meter Cable

Just ordered one of these from Apogee for me CA trip next week. I am going to bring my Mac Book Pro and a One to record from Pismo-Napa while staying in San Jose. The cable is just about 9ft alowing for greater placement of the One when using the internal mic. I may bring another mic with me as well. Taz will be over tomarow at PALM to help set up templates in Logic and Pro Tools for both the studio and mobile studio. Dan D. will be at Palm today to record a few songs.
To order a cable for the One just click

Record & One with DeVoe

DeVoe & Record & ONE by v2or

Apogee One vs Digidesign M Box2 Mini

I recoded three tracks with the DeVoe guitar with the mics paced 22mm from the gutiar. The internal mic was used as well as the CAD Trition 8000 Tube mic. The gain levels were set at the same output levels. No EQ, Compression or any other type of plug ins were used. For the Apogee One I used Logic Pro 9.1 and for Pro Tools I used 8.0.3. There are three mp3 files that I uploaded to Sound Cloud the files names will be “Mini vs One track One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six let me know what you think was the best one.

Mini vs One Track One by v2or

Mini vs One Track Two by v2or

Mini vs One Track Three by v2or

Mini vs One Track Four by v2or

Mini vs One Track Five by v2or

Mini vs One Track Six by v2or

Apogee’s One Internal Mic Reverb and DeVoe

Vics Verb Apogee One internal mic by v2or