Live at MCCC on 2.15.12


Beringer B205D

I picked up one of these from Sweetwater to use with Dr. Compas see pic for the app running on my iPhone. I will use this mainly for a live monitor and for practice with Dr. Compas very small less that 8lbs.

DAddario EJ45TT

I just put DAddario EJ 45TT on my DeVoe Blanca, I like the way they feel, they set in very quickly and were easy to tune. As far as tone goes them seem snappy and bright. As with most strings when new they seem bright too me and take a day or two to set in and mellow just a bit. I also tried a new way of tying the treble strings see pic.



Apogee Mic with Roland Mic Stand adapter

I just revived my Apogee Mic and wanted to use a mic stand for better placement. Apogee has not started to sell the adapter so I have been looking for a solution. I remembered that I had a mic adapter for my Enderol R-09 and tried it and it works perfectly. It’s now called a Roland OP-MSA1 that you can order from Sweetwater for 20.00. See pick below