Gitano guitar support (on the DeVoe)

Put the Gitano on the DeVoe and so far I like it. I don’t have to use a foot stool and both feet stay level as well as my back. = longer playing and feeling better.

Well I have had this on the guitar for a few weeks and today when I took it off there were two rings from where the suction cups were. Did not dent or pull off finish but I was not able to get rid of the marks on the gitar. Kind of what happens with wood when you put a cool glass on it and it leaves rings by where the glass was.


Boo on Bose

My option of Bose as of today is pretty poor, they are very expensive and are quick to take money from you but then they do not deliver on there promises and have horrible costumer relations and contact. Let me be a bit more specific. I placed and order on Tus and was told that everything was in stock and would ship on Wed be hear on Thurs. Waited around and no shipment came so I called Bose and 10 min later I was told that the warehouse did not have the tone port. No call, No email, no commutation whatsoever so I wasted a day waiting for Bose. Paid extra for shipping. Well I have not even heard the system but at this rate I have no desire to refer others to Bose. Poor service usually means poor quality.

Stage Line Wooden Guitar Stand

Picked up this stand from Sam Ash for 19.00

New Mesa Engimeering LoneStar Amp

Brought the amp back to GS because there was a major buzzing when I hit the A string or played lower A’s on the guitar neck.  Was not the speakers and it looked like all the tubes were ok.  We no longer will be using Mesa amps there seems to be others that have this problem.

L1® Model II single bass package with ToneMatch® audio engine

The L1® Model II single bass package with ToneMatch® audio engine should be hear on Thurs or Fri.  Can’t wait to try out the Bose system and start playing out with Taz and the boys.

Just ordered the Gitano for my guitar

Snow in PA