Live Set Up DeVoe, Shure or DPA, Mackie, QSC

In the ever evolving set up for that ultimate tone I have stumbled across a set up that I actually like quite a bit. Its my DeVoe guitars Blanca and Negra, with a Shure KSM 141 Mic (bass rolled off) or the DPA 4099G Mic (which is nice in that I don’t need a mic stand), Mackie ProFX 8 (number 8 verb@12 noon) eq. on mic pre flat, graphic eq a few frequencies tamed (see pic) QSC K 8 Speaker and Powered amp in one 1000watt package at 28 Lbs.


New Live Set Up DeVoe, DPA 4099G, Martech MSS-10 to board or House Board

My new live set up consists of The Devoe, DPA 4099G Mic, Martech MSS-10 Mic Pre. Then to my Carvin Board or House Board.


CARVIN C1644 Concert Series Mixer

CARVIN C1644 Concert Series Mixer

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DeVoe, DPA 4099G, Carvin C1644u

Flamenco In Princeton 5.1.2010

Some pics from the show.

For the sound gear we use Carvin, 1644U Mixer, Carvin 1500wt Power Amp, DPA 4099G, Shure KSM 141 &SM57, Carvin Mics, American DJ Lights and On Stage Stands and Supports, The System that Carvin sent us was fantastic.

Carvin PA System Arived at Palm Recording Studio

Our new Carvin PA System arived today. Will be testing it out for our weekend gig in Princeton. Our board is the 1644U 16 CH mixer with USB, DCM154OL 1500 W Amp, 2 LM 15 Speakers. Our snake is comming tomarow. We also purchased a case, dolly, and some other goodies. See pics below.