QSC K8 For Flamenco Guitar Amplification

I tried something new today. I hooked up a DPA 4099 G Mic to an Art Phantom II Power Supply then to the QSC K 8 Speaker Channel A with Mic Switched on and EQ Normal and Vocal Boost On. It sounded great with my DeVoe Blanca.





QSC K8, Mackie ProFX 8,DPA 4099G, DeVoe Best Live set up I’ve used

I have found a live PA set up that I really like and I think captures the sound of my playing on the DeVoe’s very faithfully and clean. I am using one my DeVoe’s either a Negra or Blanca, with the DPA 4099 G mic that goes straight to the Mackie Pro Fx 8 Mixer. On the mixer I have the mic pre at about 4 o’clock, all the mic channel eq are at 12 noon and then I use effects number 8 at 50% and cut a few of the frequencies on the graphic eq. Then straight to the QSC K 8. Thats it and it sounds like I am in my studio.