Plugins for Live Playing

A gift from my buddy Taz Sellers, the SSL Channel Strip, CLA-2A Compression and BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer with Lexicion Hall Verb running on my MacBook Pro. I’m using the Apogee One as my interface with either the LR Baggs pickup or my DPA 4099G mic then out to two QSC K8 speakers for live playing.



Apogee One, DPA 4099, DeVoe Negra, MacBook Pro, Pro Tools 9.5 and QSC K’s

Ive been wondering if there would be a way that I would be able to play live and travel with just my guitar case and a laptop.  I think the answer is yes.  I have been using the Apogee One a very small (size of iPhone) interface that allows me to hook up the DPA 4099G mic that clips onto my DeVoe (phantom power supplied from Apogee One) the Apogee One hooks up to my MacBook Pro with USB 2 and then I run either Pro Tools 9.5 which to my ears sounds better than Logic or Main Stage (However Logic and Main Stage do sound ok just not as smoth or more bright inho).  Then in Pro Tools I am using three tracks on for the Gutiar Mic, then two different drum programs Strike and Boom.  Then off the one I have a stereo line out to to XLR connectors that run to the QSC K8’s.  The sound is fantastic I do use the BBE sonic max plug in for my main mix as well. 

Apogee One with Pro Tools 9

Im trying out Apogee’s One with Pro Tools 9 Live running on my Mac Boook Pro. So far so good. I have one clip using  the internal mic on the One

Hears what is sounds like with Pro Tools

Pro Tools v8.0.3 vs Logic Pro 9 sound off

01 DeVoe Pro Tools 8.0.3 vs Logic Pro 9 Sound off by v2or

DeVoe Logic Pro 9 vs Pro To by v2or

Speck 17 See Thru Satin Case for Mac Book Pro

Picture 1Mac Book Pro cover
Give your 17-inch MacBook Pro with aluminum unibody a smooth, easy-grip frosted finish that effortlessly slips in and out of your bag. The SeeThru Satin case’s custom fit ensures full access to all ports and functions while protecting your MacBook Pro from accidental damage.

Two-piece soft-touch hardshell to protect from scrapes and scratches
Rubberized exterior texture for extra grip and frosted look
Full access to all connections, battery indicator button, Kensington lock port, CD/DVD drive
Custom-fit design that lets your MacBook open all the way
Built-in rubberized feet for stability on flat surfaces
Full venting for optimal heat dissipation
Easy installation and removal
Exclusively for 17-in. MacBook Pro with aluminum unibody

Protect Ports on Mac Book Pro

Picture 1

Palm Recording Studio Mobile

soft-touch and yes click blue to listen. For the mobile studio I am using the Shure KSM 44 Mic running into the Duet Break Out Box/ atached to Apogee Duet conected to Mac Book Pro with fire wire 400. The hard drive is the Laci Rugged being atached with fire wire 800. Using Sony Headphone connected to Apogee Duet.