New Live Set Up DeVoe, DPA 4099G, Martech MSS-10 to board or House Board

My new live set up consists of The Devoe, DPA 4099G Mic, Martech MSS-10 Mic Pre. Then to my Carvin Board or House Board.



DeVoe B&W

Working at Palm Recording (Psalm 1)

Sound file for Psalm 1 today below:

New Strings Hannabach Goldin & DAddaro EJ45c & T2

I tried new Hanbabach Goldin strings
on the DeVoe they felt ok but there were to bright for my liking. I had Luithier Supriem and their Titanium string on eirlier. I did not like that they feel apart on bass strings within two weeks. I decided to go back to the DAddaro EJ45c and T2 Titanium strings

Finger Nails New Shape

Shaped my nails a bit shorter.

I am hoping to start recoding some new music and ideas

The studio is all set up and running. I am looking forward to writing some new music. It will be instrumental with no real flamenco patterns but will have some of the influence in there. Looking at creating some music that you would listen to while praying, meditating and just relaxing and quiet thinking.

CARVIN C1644 Concert Series Mixer

CARVIN C1644 Concert Series Mixer

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