Ocean (Original Song)

Yannaki Arrizza and I played at his home studio Zen, we were playing and I turned on the record app FiRe for the iPhone. Later I mixed the song in Pro Tools 9 and added ocean sounds and strings. This was an original jam session caught in the moment.


Working at Palm Recording (Psalm 1)

Sound file for Psalm 1 today below:

I am hoping to start recoding some new music and ideas

The studio is all set up and running. I am looking forward to writing some new music. It will be instrumental with no real flamenco patterns but will have some of the influence in there. Looking at creating some music that you would listen to while praying, meditating and just relaxing and quiet thinking.

Pro Tools 8.0.3 up and running on OS 10.6.3 at Palm Recording Studio

Well it took two weeks to figure out that the Mac Pro in our studio had some ram acting strange. we did not need a new Logic Board. We put a new HD 500gig 7200Rpm as the HD main. created all new files and now have a rock solid system.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from PALM Recoding Studio


Should be at iTunes in a few weeks and Amazon now just click this link to purchase for .99 

I have a great friend who had a rough week and I composed this to try to help them relaxed yet have some snow and Christmas feel to it.  Let me know what you think.  I played on all the parts in the new studio.  The Black Lion Signature  Modification on the 002 is working great with Pro Tools 8.