Fishman SA 220


Picked up the Fishman SA 220 to use for smaller solo or duo gigs for easy in and out with great sound. I’ve used the SA 220 with the DPA 4099 G mic and it sounds great. On my Yamaha Flamenco with Fisman Maxtrix and Aura Spectrum it sounds great. Looking forward to trying with RMC pickups too. Little bit of his when phantom power is on but nothing to distract able. Can be tamed with gain down just a bit. Over all for me this is a easy solution.








Cordoba F7 with Fishman Ellipse Blend and Waves Maserati ACG1 Plug in

This is the Cordoba F7 with Fishman Ellipse Blend and Waves Maserati ACG1 Plug in for Pro Tools 9. Added a bit of reverd to lead chanel

Fishman Ellipse Blend to replace Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend

Had the Fishman Ellipse Matrix swapped out and installed the Fishman Ellipse Blend (Older Model) so far no buzz/rattle from the new system. Jerry did a great job at Gryphon.



Cordoba F7, Fishman, & Roland Tonight’s Rig

Tonight’s rig was the Cordoba F7 with Fishman Illipse Matrix Blend, Platinum Pro EQ, Aura Nylon Bank # 16, and Roland BA 330. System sounded excellent.



Cordoba F7 Guitar Ready to Gig

The Cordoba F7 Flamenco guitar is all set and ready to gig this week. It has been equipped with the excellent Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend 3/32 Narrow pickup. DAddario EJ45C bass strings and T2 Titanium medium treble strings. I will run the line out from the guitar to the Fishman Aura Nylon or the Aura 16 or Spectrum. Then to the Roland BA 330 or the Carvin PA.


Cordoba F7 Flamenco & Fishman Illipse Matrix Pickup

Below is a recording in Pro Tools 9 straight from the guitar using the Fishman Ellipse Pickup to a Degidesign 002 Black Lion Signature Mod. No eq or compression




Fishman Loudbox Mini Demo