DPA 4099-G with Fishman SA 220 (Solo Amp) & Bose L1 & Compact review

I have had the opportunity to play my DeVoe and other Nylon string guitars using the DPA 4099-G mic with the Fishman SA 220, Bose L1 w tone match, L1 Compact and to my ears, and others in the audience the Fishman SA 220 (Solo Amp) sounds the best. ¬†I think the features in the Fishman SA 220 are really geared for the ¬†acoustic guitar player who is playing out and only wants to carry in his guitar in one hand and the amp (Fishman Solo in the other) ¬†The Fishman SA come with at stand for the Amp and a bag/case on wheels. ¬†The amp is a two channel mix with gain, eq trb, mid, bass, ¬†and reverb level for both channels, phantom power/ ¬†(Bose Compact has none of these features only a treb and bass on the mic xlr but no phantom power) The Fishman also has line in for your mp3 iPod etc. ¬†The main reason for my decision to go with Fishman is (IMHO) it sounds better the mic pre amps are quieter, ¬†I have had to send two Bose L1 compact systems back because of noise in the pre amp and failure in one to work. ¬†For me the Fishman with the DPA 4099 really is abel to capture the sound of my DeVoe the way I am hearing it when I play with out and coloration. ¬†I have others said they cant believe how good it sounds thats what its about for me if I am playing a smaller venue 150-200 ¬†after that I bring out a bigger PA system. ¬†The Fishman also has feedback control and notch, ¬†the Bose has neither. ¬†Both are street price 999.00 If you are trying to get a great guitar sound and that the primary focus then I think the Fishman is the way to go. ¬†If you are needing a PA system that you will run audio like a DJ would then the Bose may be the way to go. ¬†I have had great result with the Fishman SA 220 and no problems with bass response even when I hood up the iPod to it. ¬†So I have sent my last Bose system back yesterday and don’t think I will try a Bose system for some time, ¬†I am very happy and satisfied with the Fishman SA 200 (Solo Amp)

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  1. Reviews are always so difficult to determine fact from personal opinion.
    Thanks for this little post, I have been second guessing my choice for a Fishman against the Bose Lame 1 for a couple of months.
    I recently bought a Fishman LoudBox Mini and all I can say is …. wow it’s load !

    So based on this article, the LoudBox I am ordering my SA-220 today.

    Great to see someone have truly experienced both products if I was you I would sell your Bose and buy another Fishman :)

    • Hi Al,

      I did sell my Bose and have been in love with just using 2 QSC K8 Speakers. I am considering getting the LoudBox when it makes it to production. I may pick up a SA 220 as well if I find a good deal. I have switched my main live set up to be my DeVoe Blanca with a LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup (tru mic) technology there really is a mic inside the guitar that pickup up above 250 and below with the Element. All this to say my set up can be a bit different and much louder with out feedback. I run the signal into an Apogee One and then to a Mac Book Pro running the Waves Rack for my EQ, Compression and Reverb. Or Pro Tools 9 so I can use my Lexicon Reverb. I find there is no one perfect amp you need to ask yourself where am I going to use this and why. That helps determine if you need a bigger amp. Also consider ease of use and the actual weight of the item the Bose L1 Systems are a bit awkward to carry around I found. I think with the DPA 4099G mic on a Bose its hard to not get feedback. When I play my Negra (no pickup) just the DPA 4099G or Shure KSM 141 Mic then I use the PA only the QSC K8’s and a Mackie Pro Fx 8 mixer.



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