DPA 4099-G with Fishman SA 220 (Solo Amp) & Bose L1 & Compact review

I have had the opportunity to play my DeVoe and other Nylon string guitars using the DPA 4099-G mic with the Fishman SA 220, Bose L1 w tone match, L1 Compact and to my ears, and others in the audience the Fishman SA 220 (Solo Amp) sounds the best.  I think the features in the Fishman SA 220 are really geared for the  acoustic guitar player who is playing out and only wants to carry in his guitar in one hand and the amp (Fishman Solo in the other)  The Fishman SA come with at stand for the Amp and a bag/case on wheels.  The amp is a two channel mix with gain, eq trb, mid, bass,  and reverb level for both channels, phantom power/  (Bose Compact has none of these features only a treb and bass on the mic xlr but no phantom power) The Fishman also has line in for your mp3 iPod etc.  The main reason for my decision to go with Fishman is (IMHO) it sounds better the mic pre amps are quieter,  I have had to send two Bose L1 compact systems back because of noise in the pre amp and failure in one to work.  For me the Fishman with the DPA 4099 really is abel to capture the sound of my DeVoe the way I am hearing it when I play with out and coloration.  I have others said they cant believe how good it sounds thats what its about for me if I am playing a smaller venue 150-200  after that I bring out a bigger PA system.  The Fishman also has feedback control and notch,  the Bose has neither.  Both are street price 999.00 If you are trying to get a great guitar sound and that the primary focus then I think the Fishman is the way to go.  If you are needing a PA system that you will run audio like a DJ would then the Bose may be the way to go.  I have had great result with the Fishman SA 220 and no problems with bass response even when I hood up the iPod to it.  So I have sent my last Bose system back yesterday and don’t think I will try a Bose system for some time,  I am very happy and satisfied with the Fishman SA 200 (Solo Amp)


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  1. Reviews are always so difficult to determine fact from personal opinion.
    Thanks for this little post, I have been second guessing my choice for a Fishman against the Bose Lame 1 for a couple of months.
    I recently bought a Fishman LoudBox Mini and all I can say is …. wow it’s load !

    So based on this article, the LoudBox I am ordering my SA-220 today.

    Great to see someone have truly experienced both products if I was you I would sell your Bose and buy another Fishman 🙂

    • Hi Al,

      I did sell my Bose and have been in love with just using 2 QSC K8 Speakers. I am considering getting the LoudBox when it makes it to production. I may pick up a SA 220 as well if I find a good deal. I have switched my main live set up to be my DeVoe Blanca with a LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup (tru mic) technology there really is a mic inside the guitar that pickup up above 250 and below with the Element. All this to say my set up can be a bit different and much louder with out feedback. I run the signal into an Apogee One and then to a Mac Book Pro running the Waves Rack for my EQ, Compression and Reverb. Or Pro Tools 9 so I can use my Lexicon Reverb. I find there is no one perfect amp you need to ask yourself where am I going to use this and why. That helps determine if you need a bigger amp. Also consider ease of use and the actual weight of the item the Bose L1 Systems are a bit awkward to carry around I found. I think with the DPA 4099G mic on a Bose its hard to not get feedback. When I play my Negra (no pickup) just the DPA 4099G or Shure KSM 141 Mic then I use the PA only the QSC K8’s and a Mackie Pro Fx 8 mixer.



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