My Nails (New Length and Shape)

I have been trying new strings and thought I would shorten my nails on my right hand, the pic is the new shape. I’m finding that I can play faster and the tone is very clear and precise.


Insta-Fix Nail Repair Kit

This has been working very well for me. This was something that Jason McGuire showed me.
Nail Repair Kit

Repairs Splits, Cracks & Chips in Natural or Artificial Nails.
Just 2 Easy Steps!
Powerful nail glue and salon acrylic powder all in one!
Simply brush on glue and sprinkle with acrylic powder to instantly bond and reinforce fragile nails.
Nail repair in seconds…anytime, anywhere!
Insta Fix Sally Hanson

Guitar Player Nails .com

I have been playing a bit more and have noticed that my pointer finger and thumb nail have been wareing out so I have asked a few really good guitar players about them. Ottmar Liebert, Dennis Koster, Charles Sedlack, and Jason MaGuire and Jason has on his web page in the forum section info on so I checked them out. I have talked with David the owner of the company, great guy to talk with and we talked thought the system for me. I have ordered the system and tools to help shape the nail. Below are some pics of the nail system and tools.